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Battle of Britain

This week in literacy, we have been learning about the Battle of Britain. We have carried out research and made notes on what we found out. We also had the opportunity to interview Mr Tart who shared lots of exciting information with us.  

The gruesome snake meet

The gruesome snake meet This is going to be the best revenge ever! This is going to be the best day of mr Twit life. As mr Twit explained I carn’t wait until this will happens!”it’s going to be the gruesomeised day of Mrs twit life”mwahhh “Hmmmm where should I start!Ahaaa I no where I […]

Mr Twits revenge… Elliemae

Mr  Twit’s revenge Ellie Mae On September 18th,There lived Mr and Mrs Twit.They were not very nice people.Scruffy,scraggy and stinky people.Anyway One evening,Mr Twit had A plan a very evil plan.About 2 weeks ago,Mrs Twit  put worms into Mr Twits Dinner.Well this was a great day for REVENGE! The next day, it was the day Mr Twit had been […]

medecain madness. By Ellie

  Mr twit sat a the table twiddling his thumbs. Anger was bubbling inside him, revenge was needed. ‘Them worms I ate’ ‘hmmm’ until she called ‘I do not feel very well will you go to the shop and get me some medicine?’. This is where revenge would take place! So he went outside and […]

Disgusting Porridge Lucy

  Mr Twit went on a trip to the seaside to catch some confident crabs, they have a hand made of nails. Merrily he mixed the claggy porridge, next he madly poured the diving crabs in. It was as disgusting as poo. Finally slippers meets nipping crabs.  

Cow poo face mask by Morgan

The cow poo face mask !!! Morgan Thompson Planning his revenge Mr Twit comes up with a cunning plan to sneak into the farm and get some cow poo. The next morning Mr Twit asked Mrs Twit if she wanted anything from the shop and she shouted ” we need some mouldy milk .” So […]

Revenge on Mrs twit! meal worms for dinner. By Amy

Mr twit was just laying in bed very annoyed,of what Mrs twit did to him. All of a sudden a wonderful, spectacular idea popped into his head. He was going to bake a pie and put meal worms in it, so then it would blend in with the mince. He thought that she will not […]

Mr twits revenge Leah

Mr Twit revenge! Leah bannister One night in the month of July it was the night before Mrs Twits birthday,so she went to bed early .The next morning Mrs Twit raced out of bed then went into the kitchen without brushing her teeth,manners and without getting dressed.However whilst Mrs Twit was in the kitchen Mr […]


  As Mrs Twit gave Mr Twit spaghetti worms now it’s time for Mr twit’s revenge…Mr Twit stayed up all night to find crickets and rat tails. On the next morning Mr twit gets back from searching the scruffy,stinky stretch bins.But then Mrs Twit starts to be considered and she started asking mr Twit questions […]


  Laying in there scraggy, scruffy bed Mr Twit was plotting his revenge. As Mrs Twit had chucked worms in his favourite food (spaghetti), he knew he had to get revenge. What could he do? BINGO! He knew…. As the sun rose above the stuffy field, Mr twit leaped out of bed to go and […]

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