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Perfect poetry

Following on from the fantastic poems I heard this morning, I have set you a challenge, on Showbie. Don’t forget to check it out!

Steps to success

Speech punctuation and dialogue

In SPaG over the past few weeks, we have been ensuring that we use speech punctuation accurately. Your guided reading task, this week, is to write a conversation (from your story last week if you like), including all the correct punctuation. REMEMBER: new speaker, new line. Example: “What a cold, chilly morning,” Mr Burgess exclaimed […]

My visit to Harry Potter studio tour

On Sunday 10th January I went to Harry Potter world. All of my dreams came true. It was epic.

Billionaire Boy: Guided Reading task

Last week in class, we started reading Billionaire Boy. I really enjoyed reading this book, in particular, writing our ‘flashback’ chapters to what life used to be like for Joe. What has been your favourite part of the book? What do you think will happen next? If you have already read the book and David […]

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