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Easter Egg raffle

The Easter Eggs are racing into school! Thank you for all donations so far 🙂


This week, in literacy, we are writing a non-chronological report. We researched ideas using the iPads, then swapped partners to ‘magpie’ ideas. We’re learning about the human body, as this is an area of science we’d like to know more about.

Guided Reading task

What have you been reading over the holidays? Remember reading can come in a variety of formats (newspaper, road signs, instructions for making something, etc..) Create a list below, giving examples (don’t forget SPaG). What I have read: A road map to find out how to get to Nottingham; The prices in a supermarket (plus […]

Fundraising idea

To raise money for our end of year treat, we could hold an ‘Easter Egg raffle’. We could sell raffle tickets and if we each donated an egg (and asked staff to, too!) it wouldn’t cost us anything. Ive already bought some! 😉

Spelling test

Your spelling test the first week back will be a mixture of spellings from across the term! Remember to practise them all!

The year of SPaG!

As it is the year of SPaG, and we are ‘The Spaggers!’ I’ve attached an additional SPaG revision booklet for you to work through. Pick the pages that you may need to practise. Have fun! SPAG revision

Pie charts

As some of you have requested, I have attached some additional maths questions for you to have a go at. Either download, print and complete or just write down the answers. Don’t forget to show your working out and use your learning space book to help you! Enjoy! Pie charts

End of term treat

I’ve been thinking about our end of term treat and thought we could use the blog to generate some ideas. What would you like to do? I’ve had some ideas: Cinema; Laser Quest; McDonalds/Burger King (if we could raise enough money we could perhaps do them all – and go on the train?). Just some […]

New challenge!

Ive set you a new challenge on Showbie. Don’t forget to log in to have a look (it’s a fun one!). 🙂

Safer Internet Week

This week, in class, we have been learning about Internet safety and what information we think is safe to share. Yesterday, we designed t-shirts, with the information we’d be happy to post, about ourselves. Have a look at our designs!  

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