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Footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the stairs. The bedroom door handle turned slowly.

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  1. reeceg says:

    As quietly as can be, a large and shadowy figure emerged and loomed over the
    powerless little girl! He opened his cape and examined his set of knifes intently.’ Which one shall I choose?’ He thought to himself. Carefully he pulled out the shiny, sharp steak knife, wiped off the drops of blood with a towel and closed his cape! Acting cautiously, the killer slowly brought the knife closer to the helpless child’s head. CREAK! Someone else was sneaking through the door!

    BANG! BANG! BANG! The lifeless body of the pyschopathic killer dropped to the floor and began to float in a pile of blood. Standing in his place was the heroic figure of the 007 agent. The child woke up and said sleepily, ” who are you?” He replied by saying, ”
    it’s Bond. James, Bond!”

  2. callumh2015 says:

    And the intimidating figure of a grizzly bear stumbled out! “Help me Billy I’m hurt!”
    George growled in a shallow voice. This really scared me. I must help him; he’s hurt I thought! So quickly I raced for a towel-a wet towel- to place over his womb. Then I cried for help but no-one answered.

    Suddenly, a dark black figure fell from above a said in a deep voice “Hey, I’m Batman!”
    “Help me!”I yelled. “George!”…

  3. dhivya says:

    The haunted house!

    Footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the stairs. The bedroom door handle turned slowly. “Agh!” There was a scream far away. Suddenly, the curtains blew off! There was something going on in this house however I just didn’t know what! I walked slowly towards the curtains; there were footsteps right behind me. In fear I turned around: nothing! When I had got to the curtains I peered out of the window then suddenly…

    BANG! The window trapped my hand! “Ouch!” It hurt. Trying to pull the window back, I tumbled to my death. There was blood throbbing on my right hand. Running towards the entrance of the haunted house- I tripped. The entrance- which was as tall as a tree trunk- slammed shut against my face. I was trapped. Trapped in a lot of danger!

  4. millie says:

    A black figure stood at the door. No-one had ever seen it before… It slowly walked forwards and ripped everything up. Suddenly, it started to growl. It stomped back downstairs loudly and turned everything up-side down. He was a monster… Not just any monster, he was a playful monster.

    He loves to eat cake, play and sleep. When ever he goes out, people look scared; but he just gives them hugs. He has a family, but he never gets to see them. The reason why he was messing up; is because he wants to play.

    One sunny day, Fuff (the purple and green monster), went to find his family. On his journey, he met a girl called Emily, she wondered what was wrong with him because he was sat on his own on a bench. Emily asked, “what is wrong.”
    Fluff replied with, “I can’t find my family, they left me when I was young, they send me videos of them, but I want to find them, I must find them.” Emily felt sorry for Fluff, she wanted to help bud didn’t know how. Suddenly she knew what to do, she was going to take him on a adventure, to find his family. Emily told Fluff, and he was so ready and excited.

    Emily took him all around the world. It was tiring, but it was worth it to find his family. The next day they finally found them. They lived on a sandy beach, in Skegness. Fluff was so relived, as soon as he saw them, he gave them big hugs (like he does to everyone). When they got home (with his family), they had a party to celebrate. From then on Emily and Fluff were best friends. (: 😉

  5. shawn says:

    A dark tall black figure walked through the creaking door, it was a unique figure no-one has seen before. “I’m here for you…” He talked slowly. I ran out the door swiftly-he didn’t catch me in time- and then out the backdoor I went. I was really really scared: terrified in fact. I looked behind me and I saw it in the light from the lamp-post.

    It crept closer and closer to me until… It grabbed me; I felt my life was ruined. However, he spoke once again. “All I wanted is to be your friend, I’m always lonely and there is nothing to do by myself and you was the nearest person.”
    “I’m sorry” I replied “I didn’t know so I ran, I thought you was going to kill me.”

    So from then on they were the best of friends and they went on lots of adventures like exploring the world.

  6. shaye says:

    Then the door slowly creaked open and then a face ( as pale as a wooless sheep) ventured round the edge of the door ; just then the bed side lamp blew up and as Jim look back at the door it was shut and a pair of sharp beedy eyes appeared out of no where under the bed. What was it ? Who was it ? Where did it come from ?

    As Jim shot out of bed and stupidly charged – like a rhino – out of his bedroom WINDOW! As he fell to the ground a head popped out of the window and looked into Jims horrified eyes and killed him! The next night the same figure was thirsty for more so the mysterious thing walked through the door and went up to choose his next victim ; his mysterious body outline began to search the room : silently . He walked through the door and found his next victim he perched his hand on the victims throat and then pushed and pushed and pushed until the victim was out , out for good.

    This figure was on a rampage until he went to do the ultimate challenge the queen was next. This figure was after the queen he said that he must end that reign everyone who has seen him has had a spine-chilling moment and that’s the final thing they feel and this would be the queens final feeling to so he silently crept into the palace and got ready to get the job done so he got closer and closer until …

  7. Seth says:

    “Mum!” Screamed Lisa. With a sudden buzz out the window she was. Chigago was deserted with no one buzzing around. You should run you must hide. Can anyone help? Is anyone hiding. A noise entered her head. “You can run but you can’t hide there’s no-one to help!” Yelled no other else then the chigago bandit. There he was in the window of her home. One person can help the hero: New Yorks warrior. With her mum still storming up the stairs in her stair lift, the bandit was in for a real beating.

    Bart had no knowledge of the fight. He would have been happy with no-one to annoy his poor little head. It all was all a blurr in the minute head of little Lisa. No knowledge of the beast marching up the street. At that moment Lisa’s mum had made it upstairs; she now was curious of the challenge ahead ( not really she wasn’t bothered one tiny bit). A smell ventured the nostrils of Lisa, bandits stink bomb of vigorous death. A sudden sound was absorbed into the air- the sound of a police chooper. Lisa was next monarch to ascend to the throne. Elizabeth the 2nd was on a massive reign. And he wanted it to go as his daughter was next in line…


  8. Aiden says:

    It was a dark,dark night in zonga and you couldn’t see anything at all it was so dark you couldn’t see the obsticals lurking around.out of the blue a bright light mask appeared in front of a girl,who has the name of Jess.

    Trying to get away, with her tiny legs, however the creepy mask was still behind her.But Jess remembered there was no where to run of course zonga is a tiny city and zonga only has about 50 people living in zonga and nobody helps even if your hurt.

    “MUMMMMMMM”! Jess shouted and her mum shot up like a bullet with her;drink;food and makeup, she said “whats a matter Jess” jess didn’t reply she was so scared that the person in the mask was going to kill her if she said a word.

    Mum went back downstairs but then the creepy person came back and grabbed Jess and then he jumped out of Jess’s window with Jess in his arms (by the way he had stinky armpits).After 20 minutes Jess arrived in an unusual place and it wasn’t even near her house so she had no idea how she will get back.jess didn’t dare to sleep Incase she never woke up because she could be DEAD! Dozing of Jess was asleep,with nobody around, Jess tried making a run for it!!

    Before running Jess heared a voice it was the lurking shadow of deathbut Jess found out something really bizzar it wasn’t a lurking shadow of death it WAS ACTUALLY A BIZZAR THING HER OWN FARTHER! Wow Jess said but she didn’t want to say anything in case he would hurt Jess’s feelings but then she heared “I’m going to kill the queen tomorrow ha ha ha ha ha…”

  9. Ethanknight says:

    The door slowly opened. The large, shadowy figure stood at the door overlooking the bed. Timidly, the small boy lay in bed scared. ” Mummy?” He Murmured. The large muscle man step forth into the light. From head to toe this man was ripped, his thighs bigger than an elephant’s and his height higher than a overgrown horse. The boy wet the bed more than he ever knew he could. Why… ” SUPRISE!” he said whilst smiling and stroking his precious purple hair! The boy was overwhelmed, then thinking it couldn’t get any better Jacksepticeye charged in sayin, ” Top of the mornin’ t’ ya!” In his Irish way! What better way to spend the rest of the night and day, let alone it being his birthday, than to spend it with your favourite celebs!

  10. luciem2 says:

    And there was a black figure standing ;standing still as a rock. The black figure started walking towards me I was so terrified -petrified even- and he put his hand out and shouted in a very deep very scary voice “Hello I am looking for Emma, Emma Jay do you know where she is?” Looking very confused who Emma Jay was I replied in a suttle voice “No sir I do not know who she is or even where she is why do you need her any way or is that too much to ask from you?”

    The black figure replied “No that is fine sit down child and I’ll tell you a story child by the way my name is Sir Adam Searcher!” I sat down on a little wooden stool by him and questioned him “You sound like the Prince the Prince of Amsterdam are you him.” Sir Adam’s eyes turned wide open and he started his story and he flashed back into the 1940’s when Adam was a young little lad.

    “I was only three years old and I was a chimney sweep and all I did all night and all day was sweep and sweep the dusty dirty chimney’s that haven’t been sweaped in years. Anyway there I was strolling through the streets of Amsterdam next there was a little girl with her Dad and Mum. They looked so happy together but I didn’t have a family I was in the orphanage. Just a lonely boy and I was in an orphanage with a mean women called Miss Hanigan. She was strict and mean but I wanted a loving caring family but I never did and never could. All I could do was do my job and carry on with life. One day Emma Jay’s parents came and said “We would like a three year old boy please.” Miss Hangan replied in a druken voice “We only have one three year old and his name is Adam

    • luciem2 says:

      Would you like to come and see him?” Emma’s parents replied back in a suttle voice
      “Yes please we would like to see him big are self if this ok with you please?” Miss Hanigan just walked off without responding so the Jay family looked around but they couldn’t find me all because off Miss Hanigan! If she didn’t leave the Jay family then I would’ve had a family but I never got my revenge on her!!

  11. alixh2015 says:

    Not making a sound, my eyes scanned the room I entered, nothing in site my body began to get colder and colder. As I approached the strange room, a black figure appeared…

    The figure was tall and scary his raiser sharp teeth had blood all around them his deafening voice sank threw my ears not able to get rid off a deep low voice saying “come here little child” not listening to the black figure I took a step back from the black scary figure he shouted “come here” “come here” I don’t listen again his deafening voice controlled me I led my way to the black figure.

  12. amyw2015 says:

    Footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the stairs. The bedroom door handle turned slowly. A huge dark black figure stood behind me he grabbed me around the throat and yanked me in a little cupboard and then realised when he shut the door that my brothers and sisters were upstairs so he did the same to those too but, put them in separate cupboards to me…

  13. Harley says:

    The door creaked open, a mysterious darkness peered through the gap of the door, a shadow rushed past the door, monstrous noises ventured into her ears. A whisper made its way into her ear, she turned around and a face-a pale no eyed face stared at her, a scream jumped out of her mouth,with no control she ran into her mums room,no one was there, the face followed her everywhere she went…

    By Harley (didn’t finish)

  14. leah says:

    All these stories are great

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