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“Witches don’t exist!” My gran’s words echoed around my head as the horrific visage gurned at me through my bedroom window.

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  1. elliemae says:

    By he name of Jeff.His face full of fear.Suddenly his door flung open . There was a mysterious figure looking scary than ever.Then he heard a small shallow voice saying tun back turn back but Jeff took no notice and thought it was a huge dream but he was mistaken ! Through and through the day he felt cold shivers down his spine and everyday in his boring old room he heard some one shouting at him but there was nothing there ! Suddenly “aaaahhhhhhh” … What do you want ?

  2. jessicag2015 says:

    Just at that moment a dark mysterious figure appeared at the door way, I thought who is it ? The figure walked closer and closer into my room… It turns out it was only my mum with milk.Long after in to the night the eary silence crept into my mind,it dawned on me ,was gran really joking? Now being scared to the bones I prayed for the morning I hope to see. It was a witch

    I stood up and opened the curtain so the sun would expose her secret identity

  3. dhivya says:

    “Witches don’t exist!” My gran’s words echoed around my head as the horrific visage gurned at me through my bedroom window. Then suddenly, his bedroom window flung open. The wind gushed through his curtains and a shallow voice of a witch came to his ears. Something was happening in the dead of night, the witching hour was taking over the neighbourhood. Scaring every child who dared to peek out of their window, if they did they would be cursed upon certain death…

    By Dhivya and Callum

  4. millie says:

    “Yes they do!” I shouted, as I wondered off into my bedroom. “Why do you always say that? Now leave me alone.” I want to find a way to show that they are real. I started to do some research about witches, but I couldn’t find a way to show it

  5. Eleanor says:

    Then suddenly out of the blue came a horrendous THUD! Just at the moment, a dark shadow appeared in my window, a laugh and cackle came from the figure. Turning around to a face of death, who was she and where has she come from? Skin dangled from her face, her eyes stared into mine as she pulled out her bag, what was she gonna do to me? “I am gonna get you hahahahaha” …….

    By Eleanor and Harley

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