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Grey and foreboding, the castle stood atop the hill looking down across the small town, in the topmost window of the highest tower stood a small boy called…

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  1. ellieb2015 says:

    Bill Bagging. He had been locked in the castle ever since Halloween.. . On the night of Halloween he had been out messing about in a grave yard with his friend when all of a sudden … SWOOP he had been taken by a dark man in a grey hoodie. He ate only the left overs of the food If he was lucky to get half of the amount of what he needed to grow. Every day he would sit and look out of the window at his home town and hope that one day people would find him and let him return to the village.

  2. luciem2 says:

    Tom walked up to the castle and saw a beautiful princess her name was Rapunzel. She let down her hair and the prince shouted “Are you sure I can climb up.”

  3. leah says:

    Joe sugg. He hated it up there,as he wanted to be a normal boy however he was captured by a evil witch and was forced to live at the top of the tower. One day he had enough,he glanced out of the window for a while, as he plotted a plan to escape… It came to him! He would hide so that when the witch came to give him his dinner she would walk in and look for him. Then he would sneakily get through the door. This wasn’t going to be easy. By Leah and Shawn b

  4. Ethanknight says:

    John. He had been captured! Captured by the most terrifying and evil King in the world. In school no-one was aloud to breath, nor cough, for a matter of fact nobody was. Here is the Kings rules: No breathing, coughing, laughing, crying, drinking, sneezing, eating yawning, walking, jogging, running, driving, itching, building, escaping or dying.

  5. Jessicab says:

    Grey and forebording, the castle stood atop the hill looking down the small town, in the topmost window of the highest tower stood a small boy called Peter. For years no one dare enter as the spirits of Peter roam the abandoned halls. Legend has it that his family left him tied up in the dungeons. When trying to escape from the chains they got tangled round his neck and strangled him to death. Sightings have been laying in the newspapers since 1672.Anyone who dare to enter never escape as the young spirit doesn’t want to be alone.
    Jessica B and Reece

  6. milliew2015 says:

    Lewis(the boy)was nine years old when his father died in war and are you wondering where his mother is well she set the house on fire while cooking. lEwis was the only one left

    Aiden and Millie

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