Class representatives

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Meet our class representatives!

If you have an questions, ideas or general information about school, don’t forget to share it with them so they can feedback to Mr Burgess.

Head Boy and Head Girl: Reece and Ellie


Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl: Shaye and Dhivya


School Council: Seth and Maryam

Green Ambassadors: Jessica and Lucie

RTeam: Jessica and Eleanor


  1. Jessicab says:

    Well done for Ellie,Reece,Shaye and Dhivya for becaming our heads and deputies

  2. Eleanor says:

    Well done guys for the important roll of head boy and deputy Ellie Reece Dhivya and Shaye

  3. Jessicab says:

    I really enjoy being a green ambassador and a hope we get some good pictures for the compotition

  4. ellieb2015 says:

    thankyou i am glad i got this role i will be sure to try my hardest.

  5. reeceg says:

    Thanks guys for all your lovely comments. I am really glad that I am head boy and I will look forward to the year ahead.

  6. Shaye says:

    Thanks guys, really happy to have this job. I will try my best to do it right

  7. callumh2015 says:

    I bet you will do a great job guys.

  8. leah says:

    I think you will all do a great job at your important rolls.

  9. jordanp2015 says:

    I bet you will do a Great job guys

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